Security Metal Detector Reviews

The increasing incidents of terrorism and violence has compelled companies to search for security metal detectors as these are among the best options to stop crime. When you request info  about these metal detectors you will get different opinions from different people.

These walk through security metal detectors are normally used at  schools, offices, prisons and other important places to detect individuals with weapon and other such dangerous things in the premises. Information about some of the security metal detectors used in todays world is provided here for your guidance.

garrett pd6500i Garrett PD 6500i

The PD 6500i produced by Garrett is one of the leading walk through security metal detectors that are known for their excellent performance all over the world. The unmatched discrimination quality, superior pinpoint technology and sensitive operation are some of the features of this security metal detector which make it different from others. It is used for security checks all over the world for its following features:

The 33 pinpoint technology used in it allows it to search different locations of your body from head to toe at  the same time. The 20 standard programs provided in this metal detector increase its versatility. It works at a directional counting pattern on the basis of four settings of its Dual Optics feature. The PD 6500i is long lasting and durable and packed with the latest technology and features. It is designed to be used at schools, prisons, airports, courthouses, special events, schools and facilities etc. to ensure security in a versatile manner.Click here for pricing 


XVS 10mi is one of the security metal detectors that operate using the latest technology in this field. It is the world most sensitive metal detector but is specifically designed to stop employee theft for jewelry manufactures, gold mines and other manufacturing facilities. While passing through the PTI metal detector it will not only scan your employment identity but also display the history of your last passages through it. The security provided by these hybrid machines to your establishment is of high level compared to other metal detectors.  The high level detection frequency of these metal detectors scans your entire body quick and easy.  Click here for pricing

ranger_18zones1-250x250Ranger Intelliscan 18 zone

Ranger Intelliscan 18 zone security metal detectors are usually used at high security zones due to the use of Patented 18 Zone Continuous Wave Multiple Sensor technology in it which ensures high quality security in a cost effective manner. Federal Aviation Administration had certified these multi zone walk through metal detectors to be used for high security zones. They can be used effectively at airports, schools, hospitals, government office and other sensitive places like sports events and concerts etc. where the chances of violence and terrorism are more. This metal detector can be used for both the detection modes including all metal detection and discriminated detection. You can use it for detecting different types of metals through factory preset mode or by programming it as per your needs. Detection of contrabands and weapons at different locations through it pinpoint technology is one of its other features for which it is normally used at risk prone situations. Eighteen detection zones of this machine are arranged in three vertical segments and six horizontal zones the sensitivity of which can be adjusted independently.Click here for pricing

M-ScopeStanding1Fisher M-scope

Fisher M-scope metal detector is among the portable walk through security metal detectors that are used all over the world for versatile security reasons. This dynamic metal detector can be deployed at any situation within no time as compared to others which take several hours for their deployment. It can be transported, deployed and operated single handedly at almost any location. The total weight of this metal detector with its battery with 40 hours life time is only 80 pounds which can be transported easily in its compact packaging through your car or van. You do not need a truck to transport this security metal detection system which you were longing since long. It can be operated on both the power modes, AC as well as DC, to make it easy to use at any location. It can be used for different types of security needs due to its versatile features and functional benefits.Click here for pricing

garrettcs5000Garrett CS5000

Garrett CS5000 is one of the most economic security metal detectors that are known for their excellent performances. It is highly sensitive to the weapons and other dangerous metallic items while scanning a person from top to bottom. Scanning the hardy end caps and scratch proof paints are the additional features of this metal detector. It can scan high volume of people without making any fault in detection. 20 modes Microprocessor control system is among the other features of this security device. LCD screen, LED lights, alarm lights, touchpad and bar graph are the main features of the overhead control box of this detector which help in scanning the person from archway to the floor. It can detect all types of metals though its 200 sensitivity levels. The concealed weapons on the lower legs can be detected easily through its 3 ankle boost settings. It is a tamper proof metal detection machine due to the security provided through computerized access and password. The long time power back up available with this machine allows you to use it for long time without disturbing your work. Click here for pricing

Though, you have a number of excellent choices for security metal detectors the PD6500i is the best choice in most cases as it is long lasting and sensitive.


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